Original Prusa MK4 Firmware 5.0.0-RC veröffentlicht

Vor knapp 19 Stunden wurde eine neue Firmware für den neuen Prusa MK4 veröffentlicht, welche derzeit in der Release Candidate vorliegt. Das heißt, dass man damit rechnen kann, dass in den nächsten Tagen eine weitere Version veröffentlich werden könnte. Auch hier haben die Entwickler wieder viel Zeit investiert und vieles behoben oder verbessert. Der Changelog folgt wie immer weiter unten.


  • PrusaSlicer profiles
  • 4.7.2 firmware branch included
  • Bugfixes

The firmware polishing of Input Shaper for Original Prusa MK4 is in its final stage, therefore it is time for a release candidate 5.0.0-RC. In case no major bugs are found, the next release will be a stable version of the Input Shaper for MK4.

Please note that the Input Shaper for Original Prusa XL (single and multi-tool) is part of a different development branch. However, internal tests are running and a public testing release is expected soon.

PrusaSlicer profiles

Input shaper is not only about the improvements to the firmware, but also about updates to the PrusaSlicer profiles (print speeds, accelerations, etc.). We would like to use this opportunity to rename the profiles in order to better reflect their use.
Before the Input Shaper, the PrusaSlicer had usually two profiles for each layer height:

  • Quality – settings were primarily focused on the overall look and precision, with a compromise to the speed, thus taking longer to print
  • Speed – settings were primarily focused on time savings, with a certain compromise to the look and precision

Starting with the Input Shaper, there will be two profiles for the most common layers heights:

  • Structural – settings are focused on quality, precision and structural integrity while retaining reasonably high printing speed (still much faster than pre-input-shaper era). Looking for high-quality and durable prints delivered quickly? This is your go-to option.
  • Speed – short printing times are the top priority here. This profile pushes the printer closer to its limits while keeping good quality and accuracy.

However, the situation with the new profiles deserves a bit of an explanation: increasing the printing (or travel) speed and accelerations isn’t the only determining factor and it’s not just about the hardware limits of the printer or the firmware either. There is another limitation – the printing material. Every filament requires to be properly melted in the nozzle, extruded at the correct temperature and cooled once deposited on the layer below. Too low or too high print temperatures, too little or too much cooling, and it will inevitably lead to various problems with the print – mostly poor interlayer connection and compromised structural integrity in general. The “Speed” profiles for our printers are optimized, so a printed object can be finished fast, but with only a small impact on its structural integrity.

Before these profiles get their final seal of approval, we would like to know your opinion on this matter. Join our discussion at: prusa.io/input-shaper

4.7.2 firmware branch included

Between the current release 5.0.0-RC and the previous 5.0.0-alpha4 firmware, we released a stable version 4.7.2. All the changes and bugfixes are now also incorporated into 5.0.0-RC.

  • Custom nozzle diameter
  • Temperature menu reordered
  • Bug fixes

To read more about these changes, please refer to 4.7.2 firmware release notes.


  • Input shaper filter frequency adjustment for model weight does not reset after Power Panic anymore.
  • Selftest is now able to identify invalid measurements of Y-axis on all xBuddy board revisions.
  • We also eliminated a rare race condition that could result in the printer selecting an incorrect file for recovery after Power Panic.

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