OrcaSlicer V1.9.1 Official Release

This OrcaSlicer V1.9.1 Official Release

This release primarily addresses a potential security vulnerability and includes several bug fixes.

What’s Changed

  • Security Enhancement:
    Orca Slicer has been updated to ensure that sensitive information, like print_host and apikey, is no longer included within the G-code files.
    Previously, OrcaSlicer included OctoPrint/Moonraker connection details in the generated G-code. This posed a potential security risk if the files were shared online and the printer was internet-accessible. This update eliminates the risk of unauthorized access by others exploiting this information.
    It’s important to note that this issue only affected users whose printers were directly exposed to the internet. For those using LAN IP(e.g. 192.168.x.x IP address) or local names, the risk was minimal.
    Nonetheless, if your printer is accessible online, we strongly advise updating your APIKEY in OctoPrint/Moonraker or any similar service as an additional safety measure.
    We extend our special thanks to Gina Häußge from OctoPrint for identifying and reporting this security issue.
    NOTE: Project files (.3mf) are not affected by this issue.
    NOTE2: Bambulab printers are not affected.
  • Enforce retraction before wipe (#3888) by @SoftFever
  • Improve PA pattern calibration: Fix retraction/accel/jerk issues #3314 #3851 by @igiannakas
  • Fix painting Gizmo rendering on AMD Vega GPUs (#3663) by @Noisyfox
  • Fix auto orientation and some other rotation-related issues (#3890) by @Noisyfox

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