OrcaSlicer V1.9.0 Beta Release

This is OrcaSlicer V1.9.0 beta release.
This update introduces new features and resolves several bugs identified in the previous Alpha version.

Known issues:

  1. Bambu Printer Users: OrcaSlicer may crash if you switch to the device page before the printer connection is established. The fix is ready and will be included in the next release. As a workaround, please wait for 10-30 seconds after launching OrcaSlicer before switching to the device page.

What’s Changed

  • MacOS X86_64 crashing issue on is now fixed by @SoftFever
  • MacOS Catalina Support: Orca Slicer is now compatible with MacOS Catalina (10.15). by @kpishere and @SoftFever in #3252
  • Seam improvement: “wipe inside before extruding an external perimeter”
    This feature is originally implemented in SuperSlicer by @supermerill and ported into OrcaSlicer by @igiannakas in #3287
    By moving the deretraction position of outer walls to the inside of the model, this feature can improve the seams of the model when sandwich or outer-inner print order is used.

    image provided by community member @pemerick07
  • QoL: removed P1P<->P1S profile mismatching warning by @SoftFever
  • Enhanced update notification system: Orca now allows users to opt for ‘stable updates only’ in the preferences section by @SoftFever

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a regression issue that --datadir was broken in V1.9.0-alpha by @SoftFever
  • Fixed an issue where exclude_object code freezes printers running on old versions of Marlin/RRF firmwares which don’t have this feature enabled as it was enabled by default in OrcaSlicer. This feature is now disabled by default. Klipper firmware won’t freeze even if this feature is not enabled, so I have adjusted most Klipper-based profiles to enable it. Please check your profile just to make sure if it’s on/off based on your actual situation/need.
  • Fixed an issue that the legend window expands to all available horizontal space if scrollbar is displayed by @Noisyfox
  • Fixed a bug that spiral_mode_max_xy_smoothing was not hiden when vase is not enabled by @SoftFever
  • Fixed a regression that Turkish lang option was missing in V1.9.0-alpha by @SoftFever
  • Fixed an issue that layer height can be set to zero by @SoftFever
  • Fixed an that exclude_object option was hidden for Marlin/RRF firmwares by @SoftFever
  • Fixed typo by @bistory in #3331
  • Update README.md by @eltociear in #3281

Printer profiles:

  • QIDI: Add two new filaments by @Hukete in #3304
  • Profile: Fixes and simplification of some Creality profiles. by @bistory in #3315
  • Profile: Anker M5/C first layer consistency improvements by @just-trey in #3321
  • General printer profiles adjustments by @SoftFever

Translation updates:

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