OrcaSlicer V1.6.4 Official Release

Ein weiteres Update und zugleich ein Final Release ist erschienen, denn der OrcaSlicer liegt mittlerweile in Version 1.6.4 zum Download bereit. Es wurde einiges verbessert, aber auch neu hinzugefügt, so dass ich selber nicht weiß, welchen Slicer ich dauerhaft nutzen werde. Aktuell switche ich zwischen dem OrcaSlicer und dem BambuStudio hin und her. Wie sieht es bei Euch aus?

This is the official release of V1.6.4
 OrcaSlicer now has an official Discord server OrcaSlicer Discord


  • For Bambu Lab users: There’s a bug preventing connection to the printer if it’s not in LAN mode. I’m investigating the issue, and a hotfix will be released soon.

What’s Changed

  • OrcaSlicer now provides Windows installers.
  • Tweaked the new overhang slowdown (ported from PrusaSlicer) and made it the default (it wasn’t the default in previous beta versions).
  • Added support for adaptive bed mesh (KAMP and others) for PA calibration.
  • Fixed a blank button in mesh boolean by @Hotsolidinfill
  • Privacy and Security: Introduced a Stealth Mode, which disables connections to BBL HMS #1663.
    Users who don’t use BBL machines or use LAN mode only can safely turn on this function. This option is turned off by default in this version but will be turned on by default in future releases.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera view wasn’t functioning for BBL machines if BambuStudio wasn’t installed.
  • Incorporated the G92 E0 check for absolute extruder from PrusaSlicer.
  • Fixed a bug where the print_bed_min/max values were incorrect in multi-plate projects.
  • Resolved an issue where P1S wasn’t displayed correctly by @slynn1324.
  • Picked a few fixes and changes from BambuStudio:
    • ENH: Allow users to adjust the order of components in assemble
    • ENH: support custom the first layer print sequence
    • FIX: meshboolean set transformation matrix twice
    • Fix for support generating mid air (#1762) by @igiannakas in #1815

Printer profiles updates:

  • add Anycubic Kobra Plus profile based on Anycubic Kobra Max. by @rspython in #1823
  • Anker Make profile bug fixes by @just-trey in #1868
  • Keep tweaking all printer profiles



For more information about all the changes made to version 1.6.4, please refer to



1. Please check here for installation instructions.
2. If your profiles didn’t show up after updating, please restart OrcaSlicer
3. Klipper users, please update Moonraker to the latest version so that it can recognize OrcaSlicer and parse metadata like thumbnails.
4. If you’re running Klipper, it’s strongly recommended to add the following configuration to your printer.cfg file.

# Enable object exclusion

# Enable arcs support


resolution: 0.1

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