MakerWorld Release Notes – 20231207

New Features

1. Designers can now recommend print profiles for their models. 
The recommended print profiles will be ordered still below the designer’s print profiles, but above others.

2. Support GIF and its loading performance. Model list pages (such as Home Page and 3D Models) just load still image for GIF file, which speed up the page loading.
When users hover the mouse on the GIF picture, it starts loading and playing.


1. The homepage banner has been redesigned to make it more compact and clearer

2. MakerReward: add download count deduplication to prevent splitting one model into multiple print profiles
If a designer uploads multiple print profiles for his/her model and a user downloads all of them, only the first download will be counted

3. Added a Print Profile Guide introducing what kind of print profiles tend to get popular

4. Added report types for print profile spam: Repeated uploading, No actual print image, Use other’s actual print image

5. Prohibited self-ratings of print profiles

6. Auto-strip modified custom G-code in 3mf files when uploading
Some designers and makers modified custom G-code fields of 3mf due to some reason. Previously, this kind of 3mf file was blocked by MakerWorld. They have to reset these custom G-code fields of each 3mf file in Bambu Studio before re-uploading it. Now MakerWorld can auto-strip these modifications, with a tip telling the print profile uploader this strip action.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed the bug that users cannot enter a model page from the model page on their mobile phone’s browser
  2. Fixed no red dot hint when there are unread messages

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