BambuStudio V1.8.3 release

1. 3mf Compatibility Declaration

From this version, Bambu Studio’s 3D model file format (.3mf) is compatible with the 3mf reading code provided by the 3MF Consortium; Bambu Studio’s 3MF files can also be opened in 3D Viewer.
This Wiki article explains the compatibility between Bambu Studio’s 3MF file format and the 3MF Consortium standard, and outline its features and advantages.

2. Support for recording flow ratio calibration results in P1S with P1P Enclosure Kit

When the P1P Enclosure Kit is installed, the flow ratio calibration results will be logged to P1S filament presets. Otherwise, they will be recorded in the P1P filament presets. This feature requires a firmware update to version

3. Automatic calculation of flush volume for Bambu PLA Silk Dual Color

Currently, when syncing Bambu PLA Silk Dual Color from AMS, only the major colors are displayed on the color slot. The automatic flush volume calculation is based on the color with the larger flush volume. However, if the filament color changes, the calculation is based on the major color displayed by the color slot. This behavior will be improved in the future.


  1. Support to display the color of Bambu PLA Silk Dual Color and Bambu PETG Translucent AMS
  1. Add missing “elephant foot compensation” in profiles
  2. Add Bambu PETG Translucent preset
  3. Add Troodon 2.0.
    The profiles are cherry-picked from OrcaSlicer, thank @YGK3D and @SoftFever
  4. Optimize the prompt message if open 3mf files saved by higher version.
  5. Organic trees are prohibited when implementing variable layer height
  6. Limit on the length of project names
  7. Adjustment of warning level for timelapse warning
  8. Update of A1 series gcode. Remove some unnecessary moves.
  9. Modify retraction and cooling parameters of some filaments.


  1. Fix the issue of setting AMS custom filament on the Studio and turning the AMS slot into “?” due to copying user presets.
    There are multiple possibilities for the AMS slot to become “?”. The new version of the fix requires manually removing the problematic User Reset. Studio has provided a prompt on the Custom Filling page. Please refer to the wiki for the reasons and solutions.
  2. Fix the issue of frequent printer connection timeout #3045
  3. Fix for the disappearance of the flush option mark #3119 #3113 #3115
  4. Fix for custom filament displaying as “Incompatible” on the calibration page
  5. Fix for boolean hanging in the middle of color painting
  6. Fix for crash issue with the “filling bed” function
  7. Fix for compilation issue under Windows. Thanks @hadess #3064 #3096
  8. Fix some issues of boolean tools.
  9. Fix the issue that the load button on the A1 device does not work properly

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