BambuStudio V1.7.7 inkl. Bambu Lab X1E released

Vor wenigen Stunden wurde eine neue Version vom BambuStudio released, welches nun in Version 1.7.7 zum Download bereit steht. In dieser neuen Version ist auch der in meinen Augen überteuerte neue “Bambu Lab X1E” Drucker bereits integriert. Da ich selber weiterhin den OrcaSlicer verwende, kann ich auch nix neues zum Update sagen, werde aber heute oder morgen noch meine eigene Meinung zum neuen Drucker kund tun.

This is a Bambu Studio version that supports Bambu Lab X1E based on And this version also includes some improvements and bug fixes.


  1. Support Bambu Lab X1E


  1. Support for rating models in MakerWorld after printing is completed.
  1. Adjust the softening temperatures for filaments like PLA, PVA, TPU, PETG-CF, and optimize the printing prompts when the hot bed temperature reaches the material’s softening temperature
  1. Update the A1 mini start gcode to shorten the prime line and change x axis freq sweep.
  2. Remove the tips for “Flow Dynamics Calibration” of A1 mini while using Textured PEI Plate.
  3. Set max volumertic speed to 11.5 mm^3/s for PolyLite PETG.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a memory leak issue that occurrs after creating and deleting Plates;
  2. Fix the Manage Result window flickering issue when there is no historical result under Flow Dynamics calibration;
  3. Fix issue 2589: Manual flowcalibration reports invalid k value in Geman language;
  4. Fix issue 2473: The error “Unhandled unknown exception terminating the application” is reported when calibrating;
  5. Fix issue 2582: Change filament gcode be modified from M600 to M601 to prevent some kobra max printer crash during the printing process;
  6. Fix issue 2346: Incorrect button text when loading filament;
  7. Fix issue 2533: Can’t print in PLA Aero using AMS;
  8. Fix issue 2633: Crash while accessing model in SD Card window;
  9. Fix issue 2573: Random crash while booting up under Mac OS;

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