Bambulab A1 version Released

Version 1.2 firmware introduces several convenient features designed to enhance the user experience. The Build Plate Detection feature eliminates the possibility of human error by preventing a print from starting without the build plate in place. Similarly, the Air Printing Detection feature halts your print upon detecting extrusion issues, thereby conserving filament and saving time.
Below, you’ll find some of the key updates that Version 1.2 brings:

  • Implemented the “Air Printing” detection feature to identify extrusion issues such as clogging and filament grinding.
  • Introduced the Build Plate Detection feature to ensure that the build plate is properly positioned before initiating each print job.
  • Introduced ‘Nozzle Clumping Detection’ which can automatically detect filament clumping on the nozzle.
  • Supports SD card remote browsing for time-lapses and models.

    For more detailed information about each of these new features, continue reading below:

New Features

“Air Printing” Detection (in conjunction with AMS lite)

“Air Printing” occurs when filament flow either stops or slows down mid-print, causing the toolhead to move without extruding filament properly. If not detected promptly, this issue can result in a significant waste of print time and filament.
The “Air Printing” detection system closely monitors the odometry of AMS lite in conjunction with the extruder. It identifies any discrepancies between these two odometry readings. Under normal conditions, these readings should align consistently. However, inconsistencies indicate potential slipping in the extruder gear, signaling issues like clogging or filament grinding. In such cases, the “Air Printing” detection system will pause the print and display a warning message.
Note: This feature is optimized for hotends of 0.4 mm and larger sizes. The 0.2 mm hotend is currently not optimized, but we are actively working on enhancing its compatibility.

Build Plate Detection(Bambu Studio version≥

Forgetting to place the build plate is a common oversight among beginners. Printing directly on the heatbed can potentially damage your printer. The Build Plate Detection feature addresses this issue by implementing a verification procedure before each print, ensuring that a build plate is correctly installed on the heatbed.
This feature works on the official build plate (or build plate with exact same shape as the official build plate) only.

Nozzle Clumping Detection

By probing the nozzle to the edge of the build plate, A1 can automatically detect filament clumping around the nozzle. The detection feature is ON by default runs checking every 8 grams of filament usage, and can be turned OFF in the Print Options menu.

SD card remote browsing

To improve the user experience with the printer, we introduced file management in Bambu Studio for files on MicroSD cards. You can now delete and print items, and manage timelapses from the available files on the MicroSD card right from Bambu Studio.

Feature Optimizations

  • Added filament color settings based on AMS’s existing colors.
  • Optimized the UI of the Settings menu.
  • Improved flow calibration for the 0.2 mm hotend.
  • Refine the log system and remove all debug logs that are not necessary for end-users. Thanks to X1plus team’s feedback.
  • Added SD card remote browsing support for time-lapse videos and models. (in conjunction with Bambu Studio V1.8.1)
  • Automatic nozzle size and type verification in conjunction with Bambu Studio(Version and up) . The nozzle type can be set on the maintenance page in the settings menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Finalized the printer model check for inbound 3MF files.
  • Resolved the false alarm related to hotend temperature.
  • Addressed the intermittent missing start button issue in the calibration UI.
  • Fixed intermittent errors associated with the object-skipping feature.
  • Resolved intermittent download issues caused by lengthy file names.
  • Refined the UI wording for improved clarity.
  • Fixed a UI glitch observed when initiating a calibration from Studio/Handy.

Remaining Bugs

  • Intermittent color mismatches when using AMS colors to edit non-Bambu filaments.
  • Toolhead erroneously returns to the printing area after canceling the print due to filament runout or filament change error.
  • Intermittent power loss recovery failure.

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