ATTENTION: MakerWorld account blocking – UPDATE 28.03.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a new article, as I’m currently working on another project, but I have to report on this experience and make it public.

Until today, I was quite satisfied with MakerWorld Support and always got answers to my questions, but what they did today is outrageous. Some 2 hours ago I received a message that my account with over 250 files and almost 1000 points is blocked for a year. I’m glad that I redeemed all my points almost 4 weeks ago. The reason for the ban is more than laughable, because too many downloads were detected on my files, which is simply impossible. But first things first:

This was the message I received:

I then contacted support directly with a ticket and the answer is delicious:

This means that the system has detected that there are too many downloads on my files. I also proved to Support that this is not the case. Because on my best day, I had 21 downloads in one day. There are users who have several thousand in one day. Again, there is proof from my analytics:

If we continue to look at the whole thing, you can see that my account has already been checked several times in the last weeks/months and there have been no complaints so far, as everything went correctly. I also have a real profile with my own signature, as well as a link to my Prusa account, so nothing is conspicuous.

The support doesn’t even give you the opportunity to prove the complaints from the first ticket, but replies directly and cheekily that the account will be blocked. Especially for a year, and I would like to know the reasons. They must be able to see exactly that there is “no download bashing”, because this can also be seen from the analytics and the downloads on my individual files.

No question, because I think the checks are good and valuable, as there are enough people who want to scam points to buy products. But as in my case, this cannot be the case and I would really have liked more insight and a message that MakerWorld has made a mistake. However, I’m not going to take this lying down, as a lot of work has gone into this account and I’m therefore making it public.

PS: My most downloaded file has only 331 downloads and that for months.
PSII: I was warned when I had the name “LEGO” in my title. Okay, I can understand that, but due to distortion of competition I reported other files that had the same word in the title. And three guesses what happened? Right, not at all. MakerWorld says that there are no problems with the name and the files. Even the official LEGO logo was shown in the cover picture…

So MakerWorld; what’s wrong with you?

UPDATE 28.03.2024

It gets even more ridiculous, because now my account was allegedly involved in a machine-generated points manipulation. If you look at the screen, you can clearly see that there were only 4 downloads on the day I was banned. And the ban relates purely to an alleged manipulation. There are users who have several thousand downloads a day and this doesn’t happen? That’s right, because they make up MakerWorld, but they make a big deal out of the smaller users and then they do it wrongly. I’m losing faith!

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