5.1.2 Firmware for Original Prusa MINI, MK4, MK3.9 & XL


  • Cancel Object (MINI)
  • Nozzle diameter in Selftest (XL)
  • Sending crash dumps to Tech support
  • New bootloader 2.3.4
  • Firmware flashing updated
  • Bug fixes

This is a stable release of the firmware 5.1.2 for MK4/MK3.9, XL and MINI/MINI+ with several improvements. It is a direct successor to 5.1.0 and is recommended for all users.

IMPORTANT FOR XL users: After this update, you need to confirm your nozzle diameter as part of the self-test. This applies to both new and already calibrated printers. For calibrated printers, navigate to Control -> Calibration & Tests -> Nozzle Diameter Confirmation.

Cancel Object (MINI/MINI+)

The previous release brought a highly requested cancel object function to the MK4 and XL. This release adds support for MINI/MINI+. During a running print, you can open the “Tune menu -> Cancel Object” and select an object that you wish to stop printing (but you can also resume it, in case you select an incorrect one). The print will continue running and any G-code commands related to the canceled object will be ignored. This is perfect for cases where you’re printing many objects at once and one of them gets loose on the build plate.

Nozzle diameter in Selftest (XL)

During the initial calibration of your XL, you can now select your nozzle diameter. The available options are 0.4 mm or 0.6 mm, and the selected diameter will be applied to all available print tools. If necessary, you can always modify the nozzle diameter later in the printer’s menu.

Sending crash dumps to Tech support

In the event of a system crash, a memory dump is created. You can download this crash dump on a USB drive and send it to Prusa Research tech support for further investigation. The file may contain sensitive unencrypted information, therefore we strongly recommend sending the file directly to reports@prusa3d.com and avoiding uploading the file to any public cloud storage or sharing it on social networks.

New bootloader 2.3.4

This release updates the bootloader to version 2.3.4 for all printers (XL, MK4/MK3.9, MINI/MINI+), addressing manufacturing requirements, particularly in the initial firmware flashing stage.

Firmware flashing updated

In line with the bootloader update, the firmware has also been updated to improve the flashing procedure. The communication between the board and the flashing station is now done through UART.

Bug fixes

A big thanks to user @pyrho, who reported an issue with logging into PrusaLink on Safari browser (issue #3287) and also managed to find the culprit. The initial valid period for the HTTP Digest Auth nonce was too short for Safari (5 seconds). Starting this release logging in on Apple devices should work without issues

Error 13604 fixed

A bug found in the firmware release 5.1.0 affects MINI, MK4/MK3.9, and XL printers. If a USB drive is connected during startup, the printer may keep asking for a firmware file (.bbf) and display error message #13604. This issue has been identified and fixed in the current release.

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